Affidavit of parent to apply Passport for children in India


To apply Passport for children whose father/mother is out of India, the parent should attest an Affidavit from Indian Embassy/Consulate authorizing his wife or next kin to apply Passport for his children.

 To make an affidavit, spouse name must be endorsed on applicant’s Passport.

Required Document for Affidavit:

1. Typed Miscellaneous Affidavit Form. Form to be filled in two copies for each child.

2. Birth Certificate Copy of Child/children.

3. Passport Copies of Applicant and Wife (incase wife doesn’t have a passport, Marriage Certificate will be accepted).

4. Original Passport of Applicant to be shown at Consulate.

 Fee: Dh60

 Affidavit to be attested from Indian Consulate at Karama, and it can be collected at same time.

• Consulate Timing: Sunday to Thursday 8am to 12noon (submission)