Lost / Stolen Emirates ID card


Step 1 : Get a stambed ID number certificate from any Emirates ID service points ( an identification document must be presented )
Step 2 : fill in the e-form at any authorized typing center or eida through website
1. Issuance of a replacement for the damaged or lost card

Issue a stamped certificate of ID Number from any Emirates ID Service point (an identification document must be shown).
Fill in a replacement for damaged or lost card form at any authorized typing center or online.
2. Required Documents

UAE Nationals:

Original valid passport
Original family book
GCC Nationals:

Original valid passport
A document proving residence in the UAE (for example; valid employment certificate, real estate lease or ownership contract, commercial license, school registration certificate, certificate of dependency, valid marriage contract or an employment card)

Original valid passport
Residence or entry visa
Children below 15:

Documents required for each group
Colored passport-size (4.5 x 3.5 cm) photo with white background
3. Fees

As of September 29, 2011, the fees of replacement for damaged or lost card are AED 300 (These fees apply to all age groups)

4. Important Notes:

When the ID card is lost, the holder whereof shall report this to the nearest Emirates ID Service point and start issuing a new ID bearing the same fixed ID number.
Once the case is reported, the system automatically deactivates the ID card and the digital certificates of the holder, therefore the Card can’t be used for ID verification purposes anymore.